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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you always wanted to ask about maid service…

The short answer: TIME. We surveyed our clients over the course of several months and found that TIME is, by far, the number one reason why people hire us! Time is LIFE. The more time you have, the more you can live life and focus on the things you love – instead of having to scrub toilets. 

There are several possible reasons to consider. Here are just a few possibilities as to why some companies charge less than others: 
  1. They rely on price only to attract new customers but have no training system in place to ensure quality, pay low wages, and experience extremely high turnover, which you pay for in the long run in terms of quality, higher probability of breakage, and/or potential theft. 
  2. They may hire illegal workers and pay low wages. 
  3. They may not be bonded & insured. 
  4. They are an “independent contractor” and may not pay federal or local taxes. 

Yes, we are 100% insured and bonded for your protection!

At The Joy of Clean, we use the industry’s top training method and taking training very seriously!

No, The Joy of Clean was started from scratch by Blanca and David Elam in 2016 but is now part of the largest premier maid service network in the world. So, you can expect the best quality and consistency in town!

We are proud to say that our cleaners are employees who love their jobs and are paid well above industry average, which means they’ll take great care of you!

Yes! And we follow a much stricter hiring and vetting process than most any maid service!

Yes! We take debit, credit, check, or ACH. A debit or credit card is required to confirm all bookings in case of less than 24-hour cancellation check that cannot be cashed. All credit card payments are processed through one of the most secure online payment platforms in the world.

No! You can cancel service any time you need to. 

Yes, fluent English is a requirement in our company. And everyone we hire has been verified to be legal to work in the United States. 

We guarantee all of our cleanings 100%! If you are not satisfied, let us know within 24 hours and we’ll be happy to send someone out to re-clean any problem areas. If we are unable to satisfy you a refund will be offered in most instances and the relationship will be permanently terminated.

We sure do! We’d be happy to help you clean your pad on a regular basis or simply provide you with a thorough deep clean.

Yes! Our Top-to-Bottom Deluxe cleaning is the perfect solution to your new home shining like never before! We work with several respected realtors in the area who trust us with their clients’ homes. 

We have three main cleanings we offer – Top-to-Bottom DeluxeGeneral, and Perfect Maintenance Cleaning. Click on each one to see a detailed list of what is included. 

Tips are never expected but always appreciated! A common tip amount for many of our clients is $10-$20. This can be given directly to your cleaner or you can contact the office to add it on to your cleaning. 

No, not at all! We provide absolutely everything, including vacuum, mop, and stainless steel cleaner. And we use all fresh cloths and mop heads at each home. If there is a specific product you would like to provide for us to use on your floors or furniture, we can do that as well. 

We take your personal information very seriously and will never share your personal data outside of The Joy of Clean. 

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