We all know that it feels great to enter into a clean home, work space, or any orderly, beautiful environment. That’s because God made us for order and beauty. We naturally want to bring order to chaos. But did you know that research backs this up, too? Check out my top three reasons for keeping my home clean. See which ones resonate with you!

       1. A clean environment promotes a calm mind.

This one is such a big deal that in the last few years The Container Store has offered a free lecture series every year about the important relationship between cleanliness, organization and the function of the brain.
Lack of order can cause a lot of undue stress on the mind. That’s why I prefer to keep my workspace and home neat and orderly.
       2. You can actually find stuff!
I don’t know about you but it bothers me when my favorite pen goes missing, or I can’t find the scissors when I need them. Keeping your home organized and clean is important so that you can find the things you need… when you need them!
       3. You don’t live in horror of hosting.
My wife and I love hosting people in our home. Building and fostering relationships is one of the most important parts of life. It’s nice to not feel like you don’t need to do a deep Spring Cleaning every time you’d like to invite someone over for dinner… much less for a quick coffee or chat!
Keeping your home clean holds so many benefits to the psyche, the emotions. It is also gives you time for the relationships and things that matter most. If you need help keeping your home clean, you can count on us We’re here to help!
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– David Elam, Owner, The Joy of Clean