April 21, 2020: The Joy of Clean supports the Shelter-in-Place orders in Dallas and Rockwall Counties and has implemented procedures to help flatten the curve and keep our communities safe. We believe that cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting services are important now more than ever to help slow the spread of COVID-19. We will continue to operate with the following safety measures in place:

  • All of our technicians will use genuine N95 masks and nitrile gloves when cleaning your home. 
  • Our cleaning technicians have been instructed to disinfect their equipment before and after leaving your home, to wash hands frequently, and to never use the same cloths from house-to-house. Once our cloths or mops have been used in a home, they are removed from circulation for the day. They are not used again until they have been cleaned and sanitized. 
  • If you are not feeling well or showing any signs of illness our expectation is that you will cancel your scheduled service. While we appreciate a 48-hour notice, we are waiving cancellation fees during this crisis.
  • All of our cleaning technicians have been instructed to stay home if they are sick or aren’t feeling well. There are no exceptions to this and we will not allow any employee with any signs of sickness to work that day. 
  • Our expectation is that you maintain a minimum of six feet from our cleaning technicians while they are cleaning in your home for social distancing. 
  • We are staying up to date on the latest information and best practices regarding the Coronavirus daily. The Joy of Clean believes that education and applying what we are learning are some of the best safety precautions we can provide our clients and staff. Having your home professionally cleaned for health and hygiene reasons is more important than ever before. We believe we are going above and beyond our industry standards to provide the safest, cleanest option to help keep your home healthy and sparkling clean during these times.
  • Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. Thank you for choosing The Joy of Clean! David & Blanca Elam, Owners
If you would like a trained professional to sanitize your home for you with a hospital-grade disinfectant, give us a call at (972) 762-6301 or go to www.thejoyofcleandallas.com/2-hour-disinfectant to request a sanitization cleaning!